Personal Statement : Senior Mba ( University Of Chester, Uk Essay

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Personal Statement (Chia Sir Hua Mike) – Application to General MBA (University of Chester, UK)

About 2 years back, my brother (partner) & I co-founded a company called Inkfusion (SG) Pte Ltd after being awarded a 3-year government related sub-contract by a fortune 50 MNC.

Clinching the deal was by no means a walk in the park but with my years of hard knocks dealing & participating in corporate IT tenders & projects we were able to aced during the selection process. Or we so thought.

Maybe the rest of the competition had withdrew during the initial phases anticipated huge penalties (commonly known as Liquidated Damages aka LDs) likely to be imposed for the slightest non-compliant during the course of fulfilling of the contract.

It was a sub-contract to provide on a regular basis a specific number of trained corporate role-players for my client 's clients. Jointly with the main contractor & their clients, we are to brainstorm on the required scenarios after which Inkfusion (SG) Pte Ltd supplies the manpower & props.

After a few detailed discussions for the scheduled projects I quickly realized during the negotiation & evaluation process, somewhere down the line someone had downplayed the actual scope of services required. It could also be my misinterpretation of the requirements but nonetheless I had included couple of "scalable buffers" catering for situations like these.

While another colleague & us both are poised to supervise 28 carefully selected role-players…

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