Personal Statement On Self Care Plan Essay example

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Self-Care Plan The day nursing school started life started to look a little messy any unorganized. I am now transitioning from a busy working mom, to now nursing student and still a busy working mom. This is going to take a toll on me, because I am a very organized and family oriented person. So my main SMART goal is keeping my physical environment organized. Secondly after organizing schedule time out of my busy life for my family. Both goals correlate together, achieving one makes it easier to achieve the other.
The main problem area is organization of my home, like I said I’m a very organized person. So having all chores done can do great things for then achieving my second goal. Don’t take me wrong me, I am not alone in this I have two teenage daughters an amazing fiancé, that will help me. After the organizing, then I’ll feel free to make more time for my family. When these goals are not met my stress levels can rise. If I’m more stressed this can be not only unhealthy for me but also my family as well. My family can feel neglected, if I’m stressed. Being stressed can case mood swings and make a me unpleasant to be around. Being stressed can also make other small goals unachievable, such as my many duties as a nursing student. One resource I found as useful support is the text book nursing today. Another resource that can support me is my family, I just need to communicate with them better in order for them to support me. According to DeAngelis (2008),…

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