Personal Statement On Personal Branding Essay

726 Words Sep 19th, 2015 3 Pages
Personal branding is happening when we do not even realize it because we are always on display. There are several ways in excel at building your brand by concentrating on a few key points that Dorie Clark has brought to life. Building your skills, the right ones to project your brand to others. Leveraging your points of difference by showing others what makes you unique will help to make you stand out. Finally, providing your worth by utilizing different social media platforms. Building the right skills to promote your personal brand will help to let others know you do not settle for anything, but instead are always pushing yourself. I do not settle for anything. I always know I can be doing more so adding new skills to my resume of branding lets others see that. I am not getting my MA in Mass Communication with a concentration in New Media at the age of 35. This is not anything I have to do, but I know it will show to others that I never stop learning. I have let others know I am in school completing my MA as well as run a digital marketing company. I have gained respect from others who see the challenge I have given myself. My degree is not directly tied to my personal brand but it does show I do not just preach, I also do what I preach, here I was able to combine personal and professional brands. “The power of bringing those two together is powerful to becoming a social employee” (Burgess, 2014). Leveraging my points of difference is what will make me stand out. I…

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