Personal Statement On Media Consumption Habits Essay

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Swipe Left to Delete
I assumed a media analysis of my media consumption habits would result in textual proof that I visit social media too often. But what the analysis revealed is that I am a slave to my email. I check my email application on my phone multiple times, throughout the day. And most visits to my email are spent swiping left to delete emails instead of reading emails. Aside from email, I realized that heartwarming messages used in marketing and advertising campaigns capture my attention. In this analysis, organizations such as Amazon, Google, and Toys R’ Us were the most prevalent sources that captured my attention. These sources featured music, family life, and new technology, things that marketing with my demographic and psychographic profile suggests that I will be responsive to. As a consumer, the mediums I encountered most were email, Facebook, and television commercials.
Media Consumption Habits
Almost every day, upon waking, I open my email application on my cell phone and proceed to read and delete emails from my Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. Sitting in my first class or walking to my next class, I check my email application when the red notification number indicates that I have received new mail. And when I finally get home after work, climb into bed, I again check my email application to read and delete more emails. In addition to email, I often find myself on Facebook before class time or even during television commercials at home,…

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