Canadian Celiac Association

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The Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) Edmonton Chapter is a non-profit organization which raises awareness and offers support to those suffering from celiac disease. The organization aims to assist people who have celiac disease by providing information on how to manage the disease and eat a gluten-free diet. Annually, the Edmonton Chapter hosts various events which raise funds for the organization and garner media attention. The organization depends on these events to stay active in the community and continue to provide information on how to live a healthy and comfortable life with celiac disease. These events also allow us to interact with our current members and discuss various resources for managing the disease. With proper media relations, …show more content…
The CCA Edmonton Chapter has an ongoing, friendly relationship with the media, and in the past has provided them interest stories and interviews. Stories which have been covered by local media include: interviews with parents of children who have celiac disease, interviews at events with members and gluten-free business owners, and question and answer sessions with a doctor or expert about some of myths surrounding the disease. During the interviews, parents, members, and experts were able to promote the organization as a resource for information on the disease and managing a gluten-free lifestyle. Our annual events are an excellent opportunity to promote our organization, create awareness, and sustain a crucial relationship with local …show more content…
If our organization is equipped with an effective media relations plan, we will be able to deliver our key messages to our target audiences which will help us promote annual events, raise funds for the organization, and secure new memberships. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE CURRENT RELATIONS WITH LOCAL MEDIA
As mentioned previously, the CCA Edmonton Chapter currently has a positive relationship with the media. It is important we preserve and strengthen this relationship, and annual events such as the Ride, Walk, Run for Celiac are the perfect occasion to get media recognition. OFFER SUPPORT TO THOSE WITH CELIAC DISEASE BY PROVIDING INFORMATION
Our organization’s main purpose is to provide information about celiac disease and help those living with celiac disease maintain a gluten-free lifestyle. The CCA Edmonton Chapter offers support by supplying information, answering questions, and hosting a variety of events. In order to continue to deliver information about celiac disease, we must host annual fundraising events which sustain the organization.

Plan the annual Ride, Walk, Run for

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