Personal Statement : ' Nick ' Essay

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All alone with my thoughts. Just last month I was on the top of the world; in an exotic country of sand, camel spiders and terrorists. Even that was better than the present; I’m left only with a head to think and my heart to beat. That fucking car bomb left me a gimp… one arm, one leg, and charred more than a steak that was left on the grill a bit too long. It wouldn’t be too bad if I had a family to support me, unfortunately I wanted to wait until I finished my tour before I found a wife. That’s the kind of man I am, or use to be, the kind of man that cares about the woman I love before I even met her, now I’m just a freak.
It’s a bit cloudy today… here in California we don’t get much rain, but today looks hopeful. I’m on my way down to the hospital to volunteer again today. My father doesn’t want me to work, he say’s “we have enough money”. I think after mom died, he doesn’t want any of my sisters or me to leave him. But I’m 26 now with a college education, no boyfriend and two sisters that do nothing but sit on their butts all day watching TV. After a few years of constant nothingness, I decided to volunteer daily at the hospital. This was hard enough to convince my dad let alone completely let go of me. Little did I know that this would turn out to be the best decision of my life.
Soon after my pharmaceutical company took off is when my wife passed… ironic isn’t it. I now live my life through my three daughters and my hospital. I decided to build this…

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