My Great Grandad Analysis

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Hearing the steady rhythm of the heart beat monitor. Preparing to deal with the unbearable moment we all must deal with. The loss of my Great Grandad was a huge moment. It was the moment I realised nothing is promised forever. You won’t always have your favorite dog, your car will not always be the best, and you will not always have your parents.
Losing my Great Grandad hit deep. He was always there for me. I looked up to him, and he was my hero. My grandad was there for my first words, my first steps, and my first moments of life. He was there to instruct me on my absolute favorite thing, how to work on trucks. My Grandad and I worked on so many cars when I was younger. He taught me a lot about vehicles, and that is why I am so interested
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He was the person who was at the church before the doors were open. He always wanted to be the first person there and he loved to greet people and welcome them when they walked into church. He did not want a single soul to feel unwelcome at church and would make sure to shake everyone’s hand or give them a hug. The only time I ever remember my Great Grandad missing church, was when he was sick. If it was just a cold he would have been there, but he did not just have a cold, he had the flu. He still tried to go though, but my Great Grandmother wouldn’t allow him to get out of bed. She said Jesus would forgive him if he missed church only once because he had the …show more content…
Preparing to deal with the unbearable moment we all must deal with. I soon left the room because I wasn’t ready to lose my grandad, hoping this was all a dream and I would open my eyes and it would all be over. But this was the reality, I was losing my grandad and their was nothing i could do to change it. A few moments after I walked out my Aunt ran out of the room looking for the nurse because the heart monitor flatlined. When I was told he died, I started thinking about everything he taught me and every enjoyable moment I had with him, all the fishing, working, and enjoyment God blessed me with. And I was thankful I was blessed to call him my Great

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