Personal Statement : Medical Based Programs Essay

1350 Words Mar 24th, 2016 6 Pages
• Tell us why you are interested in attending the program(s) you have selected above.
• I primarily chose medical based programs because I want to be in the medical field and I feel that these programs will help me on my quest to that. I want to one day change the mental health system, not only in Cameroon but other parts of the world as well. Even though these programs are not purely psychology based, I feel that I will acquire a multitude of new skills. The programs will give me the experience that I could never receive in a normal high school classroom. It will also give me a chance to explore how college classes operate and also get an early introduction into the life of a college student.
• If you decide to pursue a career in medicine, how will you focus your studies, and how do you hope to impact the field in the future?
• I want to be a psychiatrist who focuses on children and how they develop. This career goal began when I visited Cameroon last year. It took ten years for my family to raise the funds for our trip and the culture shock greatly impacted me. I had cousins who were diagnosed with mental illness from birth but the medical system in Cameroon does nothing to help them as they grow. Many are left in the care of their family members and they have no way of furthering themselves in life. I want to help children like them. I want to create a better mental health system for people in developing countries where they are the least of the government 's problems.…

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