Essay on Personal Statement For My Personal Project

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As part of completing my Middle Years Programme I must complete a project known as the Personal Project, where I create a product and write a report of 1500-3500 words. For my Personal Project, I decided to create a cookbook with 12 recipes, from a variety of countries. I chose this project because I had always had an interest in cooking from an early age, and both my grandma and mother used to cook frequently. My project is aimed at creating an affordable cookbook for people who are less fortunate and to also educate people about others culture. Through this project I hope to further develop my understanding of cultures around the world and also learn a bit myself.


Define a clear goal and context for the project, based on personal interests

My goal is to produce a small cookbook which offers a variety of affordable cuisine from countries around the world, suitable for serving to a family by an inexperienced cook.

I chose to do this from week 7 term 1 until week 7 term 2, including my school holidays. Initially, because of my other commitments, I only prepared one recipe per week, but in the school holidays I was able to prepare multiple recipes per week. Also, as I developed confidence in my cooking ability I decided to cook twice per week.

Before commencing my cooking, I created a survey which I sent out to peers, asking them to select their favourite cuisine from 9 different alternatives. With this research I narrowed down 3 recipes…

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