Personal Statement For My Future Career Goals Essay

1409 Words Jul 31st, 2016 null Page
Israt Motaleb
Reflective Autobiography

Ever since I was a child I would always see my parents working hard for me and my siblings to get what we desire and they have always supported and provided me with comfort when I needed help or had to overcome a certain obstacle. Even if it is hard for my parents to provide me with all the materials I need they would try their very best to make me and my siblings happy. With my parents support I was able to move further into my education, build courage, confidence, complete all that I had to and will continue on to establish my future career goal. I was born on June 7, 1998 in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up living in Brooklyn, completed elementary school and I later moved to Queens at the age of 14 and started middle school in I.S. 238. I am the oldest child in the family and I have two brothers and one sister. My family is from Bangladesh a small country located in South Asia and we speak Bengali and English. We follow the religion of Islam. We eat all types of food we mostly eat spicy foods as we put so many ingredients to add flavor in our food. My family’s favorite food is biryani. We like to dress fancy for specific events and holidays such as Eid Ul- Fitr showing our tradition and enjoying our day. My parents went to college in Bangladesh my dad was the first one to come to America then he brought my mom. It was hard for my parents to come to a new place and settle but as time passed by things changed and they slowly understood…

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