Essay on Personal Statement For A Team

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I believe that there are several ways in which all of us, including myself, could improve on our communication skills. However, in this paper I want to focus mainly on my ability to work in a team. I can work fairly well in a team, as I actively try to participate and help out. My only problem is I can tend to be really shy when it comes to presenting my ideas. I have a fear that no one will like the idea and it will be rejected and I will become embarrassed. Due to this fear, I can tend to hold back some of the time when it comes to presenting a new concept to the group. Another thing, is I am afraid of constructively criticizing others because I’m afraid I will hurt their feelings or cause resentment. I believe that I can fix this problem by reassuring myself, and improving my confidence. If I am able to get over these irrational fears I will be a better and more valuable team player, and be able to bring even more to the group work than before.

Description of Problem

Having a fear of suggesting new ideas, and of being rejected and criticized, as well as the fear of criticizing others can be a rather insidious problem when it comes to working in a team. These fears are quite common among group members across many different types of teams, especially those who struggle in social situations. Praise is typically something that people enjoy giving to others, while criticism is usually almost the exact opposite. Communicating about issues can be difficult…

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