Essay on Personal Statement : ' Eureka '

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Although I had heard about career assessments, I never had the opportunity to take one myself. Therefore, I took great joy in experiencing these activities for the first time. Different career assessments such as the MYERS BRIGGS, True Colors, Values Game, Eureka as well as Strength Quest revealed unique qualities that I often times overlook in my persona. These different assessments contributed to a deeper understanding of my skills and personality. In what follows, I discuss my reactions to the different career assessments that were presented during our class.
Strength Quest. As I went over my Strength Quest, it felt as if I was reading a horoscope. When I shared my results with a close friend, they agree with the themes that were presented on my evaluation; themes include: analytical, connectedness, learner, restorative and responsibility. I use all these themes when working to help other people—students, friends and family alike. I have a strong sense of responsibility for those I help. In doing so, I try to learn and I analyze why a person is experiencing his/her current situation. I always look for the connection between past and current events in a person’s life. I firmly believe that every behavior has a purpose. Therefore, I take it upon to find such purpose in the person’s behavior as we work together to find solutions to his/her problems. In short, when helping others, I tend to use all the themes that were described in my Strength Quest test—I am…

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