Example Of My Strength Quest

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The five strengths the strength quest gave me include deliberative, futuristic, responsible, input and significance. For the most part I already knew that I had these skills. Input and significance were pretty new to me, but not a total surprise. I think each of these will benefit me very well in the future.

I think that these will all be useful now and in the future. I have always planned for the future so I wasn’t surprised when I received futuristic as one of my strengths. I am always planning two steps ahead for everything I do. This will help me tons in the future. My career will benefit from me being futuristic. Being futuristic will help me land everything I need for my future career on the path there and also to get the actual
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I have always tended to be extra careful when making any decision at all. School, work, or personal, I have always been deliberative in these decisions. For example, my friend this past summer wanted me to go get a tattoo with her. I wasn’t sure on what tattoo I wanted and she ended up going without me because I was too deliberative. Currently I still don’t have a tattoo because I still can’t decide on one. My freshman year of high school I was very deliberate when it came to being able to choose classes out of hundreds for the first time ever. I have always shown symptoms of this trait. I think that being deliberative will be very useful to me in my future. It will allow me to able to choose what to do with my life very carefully and ensure I will be doing what is best for myself. Also, with my career I will benefit as well. I will be able to make concrete decisions for whatever I find myself …show more content…
I never miss deadlines and am always punctual and ready for work. being responsible can definitely be a plus in many ways, but also a negative in a few as well. I am always on time or earlier which I was told makes a good impression, but nowadays I just get weird looks for it. Being responsible also comes with lots of unneeded stress. Always meeting deadline, being on time for everything going on, and always worrying about the next assignment or meeting. Being responsible will both hinder and help me in the future. Responsibility will help me with my future life and career. With that responsibility I will always have lots of stress that won’t always be needed. This strength will definitely help me succeed as I move farther into my future and into my set goals.

Significance was sort of a surprise to me. I have always set goal at a level for making a difference, but would have never thought that it would have been an outstanding strength. I think significance will help in the future by making my career and life a little more important. I think striving for significance will help make everything I do in life worth while, instead of for selfish reasons. I will definitely keep this mind while I go through the rest of this semester even. This quality was definitely a surprise, but a great surprise at

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