Personal Statement Essay: My Need For Community Medicine

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Having lived in countryside for my entire childhood, I continually saw the need for appropriate medical care for several of my family members and people around. The early inspiration to be a doctor came from my Internist cousin. I saw her helping the needy and under-served people of our community and gaining immense respect. According to her the personal satisfaction of being able to make a real difference was just an extra. Thus going to medical school was always a dream choice.
Through hard work and determination, I was able to attend one of the best colleges. Early on, I was inclined more towards subjects that dealt with broad knowledge and experience which carried special appeal. In the first year, for Community medicine the interaction
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It gave me a sense of responsibility and had raised a drive to do the best for them. For giving the best to patients educate yourself thoroughly, gain as much medical knowledge as possible, learn to apply this knowledge with efficiency and improvise the techniques and diagnosis as you go. For the compulsory rotations, I joined the district hospital which honed the education I received and taught me many valuable lessons. Among many lessons, I learnt the importance of attention to detail; even the smallest detail could make difference in the final differential diagnosis and cannot be overlooked. It is amazing how small changes in signs lead to a totally different disease altogether. I realized the importance of concerted team efforts and the benefits it provides not only to patient care but to the resident who tries to wrap up at the end of the day. During Internal medicine rotation, I got chance to care for patients with a vast spectrum of issues right from cerebral …show more content…
I started working as an Assistant Doctor at the rural sub-district hospitals which gave me excellent opportunities to apply and improve my clinical experience and diagnostic skills apart from independently working with patients. Taking the core values of medical school of improvising, I realized that there was always a paucity of resources and insufficient medical help at hand since many doctors did not want to work in a rural area. I introduced processes to efficiently manage resources and getting work done effectively. At times, there would be only one doctor on duty and I would manage all the patients independently and occasionally lead a team of nurses. This gave me the experience to work in emergency situations efficiently, as well as quickly diagnose my patients. Being the effective doctor also transliterates into being a good communicator and educator. Educating self and educating others and doing it continuously are the key to continued progress of knowledge and techniques. I take pride in educating patients with great simplicity and allaying their fears about illness. Likewise, I recognized the social impact medical profession and how ingrained it is in day to day life of people. I took initiatives in

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