Personal Statement : College Campus Essay

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Personal Statement A college campus is teeming with young, inspired individuals ready to take on the world. A college campus is also where you can find a plethora of students who are not going to take their studies seriously, and will inevitably abuse their freedoms. As a student who is safely in the inspired individuals category, I am confident when I say I will be an academic, athletic, and extracurricular benefit to any campus. I have much to offer and benefit the college community, not just through my academic interest as many students try to and do. Besides the obvious and most important aspect of education at the next level (education itself), there is almost always a competitive athletic system that draws to many students. On top my academic interest, I have an interest in any type of athletics going on, whether it be intramural, club, or for the actual college teams, I am an athlete worth my merit. To put athletics and academics to the side, I am also interested in volunteer work, music, taking part in religious groups, as well as anything art. I would benefit any college campus through not only my academics, but as well through athletics, and an involvement in several extracurricular activities. To begin, the most obvious and important way I can benefit a college campus is through my academics. During my highschool career I have maintained a 4.0 GPA, while taking classes that challenge me and keep me involved, like honor or AP courses. I’ve received awards for…

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