Personal Statement : Best Friends Essay examples

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Best friends are the only thing in the world that stick by your side through the hard spells no matter what is occurring. They are the ones that tell you that look great in the morning, speak up for you when you do not, make you smile when no else can and they are the ones that love you for who you are. Best friends are a rarity just like diamonds and during my freshmen year of high school I met strangers that would soon become a fragment of myself and my family. These girls changed my life for the better and they were the most important thing to me. They taught me how to be happy, confident, and to be true to myself which were all foreign concepts during that awkward stage of my life to me like speaking Chinese. All of the happiness that I gained within that small amount of time soon came to an end when college came around and they all chose their dream schools, packed up, and journeyed to their new lives while I stayed in Clarksville. It spun me into a very deep sorrow, but I knew I had to come out of it somehow; however I remembered that they told me that they are a text or call away if I ever needed them which helped me feel safe. Now it was my turn to take all of these lessons that I have gathered and applied them to my junior year and to become the best person I could become.
Grace, Alexis, Sydney, Laruen, Jade, and Rachael, are my family and the only reason that I know all of them is due to the last one Rachael. I met her during a band trip to Orlando, but I never…

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