Personal Response : Human Beings Essay

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Personal Response

Human beings are forced to face certain adversities in life to define who they are? And what do they stand for in ethical values to reinforce who they are. In life each individual is different as the circumstances are not the same to everyone however how we react in those circumstance made who you are. Certainly everyone reacts different, but some factors help in shaping who we are as is the cases of baby, they relieve in their parents, their environment and the values they grow up are the tools and make a great difference in how they will react and allow those decisions to shape their identity. Some psychologist belief in the theory that depend their environment and parents enroll in their life will mark in their identity as they grow up, they are responsible for their decisions however they deal with the world as their parents would do, they are just a representation in other words a mirror to their parents. As some writers like Shakespeare who wrote in their era how hard was to be in a relationship and major factors such as status did affect to be with a person as Romeo and Juliet, were many people were kill only for love, but the main ideology in this novel is not about love or tragedy it is about how Romeo and Juliet deal with their adversities to be together and the decisions of be selfish, the story could have been different if they were selfless and manage their adversity in other way. I am certain for personal experience and books that we are…

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