Romeo And Juliet Tragic Hero Essay

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Romeo & Juliet The world of literature is full of many well-written marvels. All of Shakespeare’s plays are in the category, of wonderful pieces of writing that, in my opinion, have no equal. What makes his writings great are the abundance of great characters. Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet is a wonderful example of these great characters; although they contrast in several ways. Romeo and Juliet both are strong characters, in their respective ways, so the reader may have a difficult time deciding which of these important characters are the tragic hero of the play.
Some may say that both Romeo and Juliet are tragic heroes, and then may go on to say that they were actually victims of coincidence, and even at the start of the play.
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He is hollow in public view and is seen as distant and depressed by his parents, and various others, I assume, in the court. This is a flaw; he is a young man who has delved deep into his emotions. This is a reoccurring habit for
Romeo, he is a very quick-headed individual rushing off to do things; which is one of the main reasons he did not get Juliet’s message in time. If he were more patient it may have worked out better for both of them.
Romeo is a both a tragic hero and a victim of coincidence. He is a hero because of the sacrifices he made to attempt to be with Juliet. He went against fate to be with her, and because of a minor coincidence he did not have any idea of the plan, and thinking she was dead he poisoned himself. Juliet, in the next corner, is almost the opposite to Romeo. Her being a woman is a main point, but it is important that Juliet’s strong female role is mentioned. Juliet is patient, she is compliant to her parents’ wishes, and she always thinks things through. Juliet may be too submissive. She goes along with her parents, Romeo, the Friar, so let’s count this a flaw because stabbing herself and loving Romeo were maybe the only things that she decided to do
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Romeo ruined the plan unintentionally and due to his decision he changed the consequences for the Friar and Juliet’s scheme.
When Juliet awakens she finds a dead Romeo. The cowardly friar leaves the young Juliet, in the mausoleum, because he heard something, and did not want to stick around to be found out. She was not scared. Juliet tends to Romeo, and when she hears someone coming she decides she wants to end her life due to the circumstances of the events prior to her last moments. A victim of circumstance and a martyr of love. Fate plays a key role in the play, Juliet did not have to end her life. If circumstances had been different her and Romeo could have walked out together, and lived happily. Romeo openly defied the stars and he could have headed the signs, but he was rash. Juliet, on the other-hand tested fate as well because she put her future in someone else’s hands instead of letting it

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