Essay on Personal Response : ' Everlasting '

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Personal response:
“Everlasting” is for surely a must read for you. It is such a great book. It has so much adventure and action, it’s really hard to set the book down after starting. Relating to Ever is really easy. She’s in a hard spot and has many, many decisions to make. Life decisions that could make or break her future with Damen. Her determination to to find a cure to hers and Damen’s curse is unbelievable. She is by far the best part of this series.

Ever and Damen have faced down three enemies that stood in the way of their love across the centuries; all that 's left is to find the antidote to release Damen from the curse flowing through his veins that will kill him if he comes in contact with Ever 's DNA. The last novel, Night Star, left off with Ever and Damen in Summerland after Ever killed her friend Haven and lost the only link to the antidote. They go to the dark place of Summerland filled with swamps and creeping things that even the animals avoid. It seems Damen and Ever are the only ones willing to step foot there. The book backtracks over much of the first five novels refreshing the memory of all that as happened. They meet a crazy old woman speaking in riddles named Lotus who keeps calling Ever the name Adelina and clues her in on uncovering her destiny 's journey. She tells her she must take this journey alone even though Jude and Damen both end up there too. Damen doesn 't understand why Ever wants to trust her and keeps questioning her, insisting…

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