Essay on Personal Reflection On Playground Kids

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Playground Kids To better understand toddlers’ development, I chose to observe two young children, a boy and a girl around the same ages. Ryker, who is two years old boy, and Athena, who is one and a half years of age girl, and along with Athena’s mother and Ryker’s aunty. I wanted to observe the two children around the same age being of different sexes because I wanted to see how they would play together, I also wanted to see what I can learn from them both. In this paper, I want to discuss who Ryker and Athena are. Then I want to talk about I will describe what I observed when I watched the two kids at the playground. Next I will talk about my theoretical impressions that came from the book. Finally, the concluding with my personal reflection on my experience with these kids.
Ryker is a two-year-old boy of a Caucasian family, who is visiting Athena and her family for a couple of weeks. Athena is a one and a half years old girl who is from a Caucasian/ Mexican descent, who lives with her mother, father, and grandma. Ryker and Athena are cousins from the mother’s side, Andrea and Stephanie Aiassa. Andrea and Stephanie are stay at home mothers who watches their kids daily when everyone is at work. I thought that going to a park would be a good idea for these kids who are always stuck at home. The observation took place at Tennyson Skate Park in Hayward at 10 am. This would a great way to understand two children who are playing together. Andrea and I have been…

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