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Many times I often look at my experiences that have happened to me in life and either I reflect on the experience as to what message came out of it or what blessing came from the situation. Often times, my trials give me the gift of endurance, so that I have the courage to move on and learn from the trial. Many times while I am going through a circumstance, I often wonder why I am going through that experience. Even though I am not meant to understand why circumstances happen, I know that they have not only helped me to learn, they have influenced how I behave and I have gained wisdom from these lessons. Therefore, often when I have a trial, just based off of the wisdom and the strength I produce from the trial, I “count
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This same person had a phone in their hand and I noticed they would look over at my test answers and then would type something in there phone. I immediately asked to speak with my professor out in the hall and advised that I felt the person next to me was looking at my answers on my test and plugging them into their

Reflection phone. I walked back in and the teacher noticed what I noticed so the professor made us split into
every other seat and I pulled a sheet of paper out and covered my answers. At that point I realized someone else was taking credit for my work that I studied so hard on. I felt upset and angry. I also felt that it completely defeated the purpose to why a teacher tests. Murdock states
Cheating undermines the use of assessment data as both indicators of student learning and as sources of feedback to teachers for instructional planning.” (Murdock, page 1, para.1) It is because of this experience that I have transformed a strong opinion against academic dishonesty and cheating.
Because of my experience with someone coping off of my tests, I will more than likely do things differently at Colorado Christian University to assure that I am not
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While writing this paper and reflecting back, I just realized that when someone cheated
off of me at Cecil College, it was one person who did that and not the entire school. It’s important not judge and forgive others as no one is perfect. While we were all created differently, some people may have the same idea as me, for example, in the discussion posts, so they may not necessarily be cheating off of me. Also, while my belief is still confirmed, that I am against cheating, I realized that it’s important to understand why someone may have cheated.
Lang states that people cheat because “It is an inappropriate response to a learning environment that wasn’t working for the student” (Lang, page 1, para 3) If I look back at most of my college courses, this makes sense now on why colleges have students fill out the surveys at the end of the course. It is feedback from the students on how the facility can improve teaching methods to help prevent cheating and students from failing.
It is important to look back on my life circumstances and reflect on the circumstances to see what lessons I have learned. These lessons will ultimately help me to do things differently

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