Reflective Essay 'An Excursion Of A Lifetime'

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Looking back on my past writings, I have noticed multiple errors that now cause myself to cringe. I am pleased to say I have improved tremendously as a writer; however, I do have room to enhance my writing skills. To be the best potential writer, I must work on or continue with three major issues: focusing on improving with my weaknesses, staying up with my strengths, and achieving my goals for myself as a writer. Even experts acquire a few weaknesses they may need to work on; however, I have a greater extent than just a few. Punctuation is the major problem I still have; nevertheless, my punctuation has become finer, but this is still not a tip-top skill of mine. In my essay “An Excursion of a Lifetime”, I had some sentences which did …show more content…
I plan on working on my punctuation. The use of healthy punctuation will help the reader to be able to comprehend my writings with ease rather than struggling to understand what I am trying to say. In The Little, Brown Compact Handbook, on pages 279-316 goes into an additional amount of depth and explanation as to how to use correct punctuation and how to use them properly. A second goal of mine is to use a greater amount of description with my paragraphs and develop each paragraph more. I need to be able to give nearly all of the detail possible when it comes to writing to be able to paint a picture in the reader's mind. This will help him or her to be able to understand what I am trying to state and give more color to a dull paper. A third goal of mine is to have an increase of in confidence in myself. I tend to think much lower of my writings than what the piece actually is. Instead of being so rigorous on myself, I need to work on boosting myself up. A fourth goal of mine is to have multiple people read my writings before submitting them. To do so I will proceed down to the writing lab provided by COTC to have somebody else who is superior in writing than I am, read what I have written and help fix any errors that may have occurred. The final goal of mine is to keep up with strong word choices. The use of quality word choices help a paper be fun to read. No person would enjoy to read a paper that sounds boring and

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