Personal Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning Essay example

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A personal philosophy of teaching and learning in the learning areas of English.

The following essay will look at how English plays an integral and fundamental role in the education of the New Zealand students. English is threaded throughout all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, therefore as educator is is critical that we get it right.

The content of senior English Teaching
According to the Senior English Curriculum Guide (2012) English is about connecting with others and their ideas, exploring our identity and building relationships. The Guide states "as our ideas meet and merge with new ideas, magic happens." (Senior English Curriculum Guide, 2012). This occurs through students connecting with units that cover novels, film, unfamiliar text, writing and making connections. Once a student 's reaches level six of the English Curriculum they have developed a substantial understanding. At level six their understanding takes on a more developed and personal insight. This continues until at level eight where a student can show a discriminating and insightful understanding of the text(s) they are engaged with. (The New Zealand Curriculum, 2007).

During my time on placement I was privileged to participate in guiding the students through a creative writing unit and a film unit. The creative writing unit was to identify a character, but a moment in time of the characters life. This allowed the students to explore their own identity, connect with their…

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