Importance Of Grammar In English Essay

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Today English is no more territorially and culturally bound. It is internationalized. It cannot be treated as a foreign language .It’s prominence is attributed to its dynamic and borrowing nature. It is used both as a link language and an official language. It is simplified according to the needs of people. English infuses confidence and confers status and prestige on an individual. It promotes a sense of oneness and togetherness.
IT sector is playing a vital role all over the world. The opportunities for employment have increased considerably well in India. Success in business fields depends on one’s mastery over language and the skills of communication. Excellence in business can be reached only by one who can wield English efficiently both at the speaking and at the written levels. So a student requires good communication skills in English besides academic excellence.
Schools, Colleges and Universities in India do teach the reading and writing of English. Testing a student is done only in written English .No force exists for testing the student in reading ,Speaking and listening elements. They are neither taught nor practiced compulsorily .A student who is good in written expression of English language is considered to be a brilliant student.
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Grammar is life for any language. Grammar helps us to speak English orderly. In our colleges when we teach grammar the students do not show much interest. They are more afraid of grammar. The students feel shy of speaking English for they do not know grammar. So it is the responsibility of every teacher to explain the students that grammar is not a difficult task moreover it helps them to speak English correctly and fluently. Vocabulary is very essential for communication. One of the master keys to success is using the right words. Julius Caesar says choice of words is the foundation of eloquence. The most important way of improving vocabulary is using a

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