Personal Nursing Philosophy Of Care Essay

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Personal Nursing Philosophy of Care According to Kim (2015), a nursing philosophy can be defined as the affective and intellectual outcomes as the result of the efforts by a professional nurse. These efforts are being made in understanding the ultimate relationships between humans, their surrounding environment, and health, approaching nursing as a scientific field, integrating sense of values, and articulating a personal belief system about human beings, their health, environment and nursing as a process. A personal nursing philosophy of care consists of contemplation and reflection of one’s principles, beliefs, and values with their practice. It has become a critical aspect in everyone’s approach for their development and transformation into a professional nurse, nurse educator, determining their beliefs, values and future directions, and promoting quality patient care. Similarly, I spent an ample amount of time pondering over my personal philosophy, as much as I came closer to my nursing practice. I started questioning myself about what nursing is to me, what is directing my practice, what I want to do as a nurse, how I can make a meaningful difference than the rest of the nursing employees, etc. Understanding of the ultimate relationships between human beings, health and their environment is delivering care towards them. Being truly sensitive with each other’s needs is known as care. Delivering care to each person by treating them as special and unique individuals,…

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