Personal Narrative Writing: Runaway Groom

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Runaway Groom

It’s the morning of the big day. The biggest day of my life. Well at least it’s supposed to be. Right now it feels more like the worst. The wedding starts in a few hours. What do I do? I can’t go through with this. How do i commit the rest of my life to a woman who can’t be honest with me? A woman who feels lying to me is the only way. Without sounding too cliché, ‘what’s a relationship without trust?’
I’m done being afraid. She claims she loves me but, who cheats on somebody they love? At first I was afraid to lose her; she was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I wasn’t ready to lose the love of my life over a silly mistake. That’s all I thought it was; a mistake. I suppose that was me trying to
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An hour flew by, everybody’s rushing to get ready. My best-men on a classic hangover, laboriously climbing out of bed. Full of jovial spirits, they crack open yet another can of beer. A beer for breakfast; I was surprised but its definitely not the first time. Feeling jubilant as ever, I have a can myself. To my own surprise, I wasn’t a mess, for the first time in forever; I felt emotionally intact and was relishing my revenge. The lads hadn’t a clue on what I was planning but I knew well enough they’d support me, whatever I decided to do. After breakfast, we started our voyage to the venue. The weather was ideal with fluorescent rays of light illuminating the sky, and the light cool summer breeze complimenting the day perfectly. With a long journey ahead, we switched the radio on; coincidently ‘500 Miles’ by The Proclaimers was on. My best men burst into huge fits of laughter and I couldn’t help cracking a smile myself. A few novelty songs later, the best-men started telling stories of old times, reminiscing about those crazy nights out. It made me drift into a passage of thought: I’m not ready to settle down. At the early age of 22 years I should be able to enjoy my life without the hassle of settling down. There’ll come a time in a person’s life where settling down with the right person is the best choice to make. But right now at my tender age, I’ll surely just be burdening …show more content…
To think that I just deserted the woman I was supposed to be spending the rest of my life with is crazy. That’s what happens when you love somebody more than you love yourself. You give up your mind, to the devil inside her. You can’t escape, stuck in trances of false emotion; you’re attached. She’s the padlock but you just swallowed the key.
Despite everything that’s just happened, there’s still a part of me who misses her. I can’t help but miss the way she wakes me up in the morning, the way she wishes me goodnight and the way she always knows how to cheer me up. As bad as it sounds, I would pounce at the chance to get back with her. It’s crazy but I can’t control it. I had my one of moment of strength, allowing myself to let go of her. For the first two days it was great, spending time with my friends, partying till the sun comes up, it was the life every 22-year-old dreams of. But materialistic stuff like that doesn’t keep you happy for too long, after a while you can feel your hollow soul aching. Wasting days by the beach, when instead what I should have been doing is celebrating with my newly wife. The boys are telling me times a healer, i just need to spare a moment for myself. I had to think about that one, it’s a fair comment but it’s not the same for everybody, for a few that’s the best advice you somebody could ever give you, but for the ones like me, I need to get out there and do my best, even if I fail to win her back, at least

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