Magical Realism In Like Water For Chocolate By Esquivel

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(1) Provide an explanaion of the literary style ‘magic(al) realism’. Then, demonstrate (using

various examples from the novel), how Esquivel uses this style in the novel. Conclude with your

evaluation of this style ( opinion - did you like it or not, why?).

Magic realism or magical realism is a genre where magical elements are a natural part in

an otherwise mundane, realistic environment. In the book “Like Water For Chocolate”, there are

many magical factors you can find by reading the story.

Firstly, in chapter 2, Tita was very sad about the wedding of Pedro and Rosaura.

However, she was not allowed to express her sadness in front of her mother, so when Mama

Elena left the kicthen, she started to cry, and the tears
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However, Tita was not able to marry Pedro, because of the family tradition, where the

youngest daughter had to take care of her mother until she died: “`You know perfectly well that

being the youngest daughter means you have to take care of me until I die” (10). However, Pedro

went to ask for Tita’s hand: “Unfortunately her hope was short-lived, for the very next day Pedro

Muzquiz appeared at the house, his esteemed...” (13). Even though Pedro and his father came

to ask for Tita’s hand, Mama Elena rejected the request and suggest Pedro to marry Rosaura:

“But if you really want Pedro to get married, allow me to suggest my daughter Rosaura, who’s

just...” (13).

Surprisingly, Pedro accept the suggestion and this news is heard by Tita, who felt great

depression and disappointment towards Pedro and her love toward him. The reason why Pedro

accecpted the suggestion was not because Pedro did not love Tita anymore, it is because it was

the only way to stay close to Tita since Tita was not allowed to marry: “When you’re told her

there’s no way you can marry the woman you love and your only hope of being near her is
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The reason why I like these kind of book is that I cannot predict what is going to happen next.

Because there is something magical happening, it is hard to guess the ending and add more

interest of the book. However, this book was had too much magical factors that confused me.In

my opinion, the theme of this book is “immortal love” and “obedience’.

For immortal love, Pedro and Tita loved each other in the started of the story. However,

they could not marry each other for many difficulties such as the family tradition of Tita’s

family. Love between Tita and Pedro did not went easy because John proposed to Tita and Tita

accepted it even though she still loves Pedro. However, in the end, they made love and died

together. This shows that the immortal love between Tita and Pedro that overcome all the

difficutlties that distract their love.

For obedience, it is easily found in the start of the book. Tita had to obey the family

tradition and was not able to marry Pedro, a person she loves. By going throw the story, there are

many obedience that can be found. Mama Elena force her to respect her and obey what her

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