Essay about Personal Narrative : ' Wake Up '

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Wake up Eddie, wake up. It’s past nine. You’re going to be late; I hear a fading voice inside my head from far apart. As I open my eyes I see my mom shaking my body to wake me up. I checked the clock hanging on the wall and it was nine past fifteen. I quickly jumped off my bed and ran towards the bathroom. When I came out my mom had a suit and pant with a nice tie ready for me for the day. How could you sleep-in in a day like today, my mom asked. I couldn’t fall asleep last night. The nervousness didn’t let me sleep, I replied. Well, don’t be, you will do just fine. Your brothers are already ready, so get ready and come downstairs for breakfast, she relied. After she left I started changing my clothes and as I was getting ready a feeling of certain uneasiness was coming inside of me. I started thinking about my mom, dad and brothers that made me heavyhearted and thinking about the new page of my life added some sprinkles of joy in my day. Eddie, are you ready yet, yells my mom from the kitchen. I am coming mom, I replied. I walked down the stairs to get some breakfast and start my day right. As I was walking down the stairs, I saw three men dressed in black suit and tie devouring the breakfast feast prepared by mom. I sat on the chair and my mom served me some breakfast. When we were eating my dad walks in and sits along with us. Today’s the day, he says in his husky voice. Every one stopped for a second and the environment of the breakfast table changed. I could feel the…

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