Personal Narrative On Wakeboarding

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Strapped in floating helplessly in the water I wondered what is going to happen. The engine starts and I start to get nervous with jitters, the same question repeating in my mind what is going to happen.” It was my first time attempting to wakeboard. I had learned how to kneeboard years before and loved to tube but the wakeboard was different. It needed talent not something you could just do. The kneeboard had one strap that goes around my knee not restraining me in anyway. I can swim with the kneeboard because it is not attached to my body. Wakeboard on the other hand makes it arduous to swim or even float in the water. The board was bright red and yellow with a black strip going down
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I get into position even though my hands and feet ached like they would fall off. I heard the faint noise of the boat engine turning on and started to tense up. I was ready but still in my mind I was telling myself Isabelle it is your ninth try give up already! Before I could get over the nagging feeling in my mind I felt the wind brush past my face reminding me of a dandelion drifting in the wind. The water lifted me up like I was a lite elegant feather drifting on the crystal clear lake. I was up in a second. All the frustration and tiredness breezed away in the wind. I became verklempt with joy, happiness, and thrill. I had never had thought something scary might have benefits of joy. The wakeboard glided on the water, every turn it followed every stumble it stumbled. Side tracked by my cloud of glory I forgot the main rule of wakeboarding: do not tense up! I started to wobble, first my legs and then my torso. The nose of the board suddenly dipped in the water. BAM! Before I knew it I had hit the water at high speed and wiped out. Still shocked by my wipe out I of course wanted to do it again. Getting into of the boat I could not stop babbling about what had just happen. It was an

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