Personal Narrative: The Joy Of Snowboarding

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I've always loved snowboarding through sickness and through health. It’s a stress reliever that helps me cope with my problems. When I was thirteen I had colorful green and white snowboard with abstract designs, when I stood tall it would come up to my chin. I grew attached to it because I've been through so much with the board. You could tell it was starting to wear down due to cracks in the base that looked like large canyons and every year I would take it with me to Vail to use it. Many memorable moments come from my family's annual ski trip to Vail, Colorado. The trip I took when I was thirteen was different from all the rest, and the lesson I learned will always carry on with me for the rest of my life. The first day in the beautiful …show more content…
After all the impatient waiting in line to get tickets I had finally gotten on the chairlift that would take me up to the beautiful haven that awaited. Each foot that we gained in the chairlift, the more my excitement grew in my stomach. It was as if butterflies were actually in it. At thirteen, I was really good at snowboarding. It was my seventh year strapping a snowboard to my feet and riding down slopes and riding park, I even competed to test my skills to other riders. My competitive nature was always prevalent, losing or not being better than others was like eating rotten eggs. This always had tendencies of getting me into trouble. While snowboarding down, the snow was pure white, soft as if it were marshmallow fluff or clouds in the sky. If you took a step onto the snow your feet would disappear into the ground. The sky had elegant snowflakes gliding down that kept building on to the already abundant snow that lay there, although it was gray, and covered in clouds it didn't deter from the beautiful scenery. The trees marked each trial with the amazing scent of pine that would invade your nose. I never understood how snowboarding worked just that it took me from point to point fast. After many exhilarating runs down with my family, I decided that I should separate and go to the terrain park where all the jumps and rails were. I had an extensive list of tricks I was able to do. I could spin, flip, and grind on rails. Back then I thought I was invincible so the idea of getting hurt had never crossed my mind. When you enter the park it always felt as if some person was trying to stop kids from

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