Personal Narrative: My Trip To Hawaii

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Hawaii is a wonderful place full of amazing scenery, crystal clear water, and amazing surf. My father and I have been surfing for a long time and really wanted to try to surf in Hawaii. We were on the Big Island of Hawaii and had to take a beautiful, but long, car trip to our surf destination. After, we rented surfboard because we had not brought our own and started on our surf session. When we finally paddled a quarter of a mile on our surfboard we hit the breakers. I had a near-drowning experience with those breakers and it was quite frightening.
To begin the telling of my surf trip, I must start with our long car ride. So, we rented a car from our hotel and started driving to our surf destination about three hours from our hotel. The trip was spectacular, we got to see the beautiful scenery of the Hawaiian coastlines with their clear, blue waters and picture-perfect waves. Along the ride, we also saw major environmental changes, like the switch between lush, green forests and landscapes to the bone-dry, abandon desserts of Hawaii. Though the trip was visually stunning, it still took a long time to get to our destination, we even got a little lost on the way. But, we finally got to our surf spot and started on our adventure.
We first
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My father and I had been surfing for around and hour, and the waves started to get even bigger than they already were. I felt terrified when I saw a huge wave come from outside of the set range and every surfer in the water started to paddle out so as to not get pounded by the whitewater. Unfortunately, most of the surfers, including me, were caught in the impact zone of the wave and got completely crushed. The power of the ocean does not scare you until you are at the complete mercy of it, and I was. I felt like a ragdoll being tossed by a three-year-old. But, thank God, I came up and paddled all the way out so that would not happen to me

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