Essay on Personal Narrative : My Own Hotel

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I tap my pen on my books, waiting for Class To be over with. It 's pouring down hard today, not that I 'm surprised, I live in Seattle, after all.
The state that rains nine months strait out of the year. I don 't mind it though, it 's calming and good for the soul. So, I keep telling myself.
University of Washington. My last year here and I 'll finally have my bachelors in Business Management. I plan to run my very own hotel someday. Hell, I 've been going to school practically my whole life for this, I 'll be damned if I don 't.
It 's Friday and I 'm sure everyone is partying. So glad I 'm not about that life.
The bell rings and I wait for the room to clear out before I leave. I put my books in my bag and look up to see Eva, smiling. What is she doing here?
Eva is my best friend since elementary school. We went to middle school together at Totem and went to Thomas Jefferson for high school.
She has a personality that everyone loves. She is always helping those in need. Seriously, on the weekends, when she isn 't busy with college, she makes lunch bags and walks around down town Seattle handing them out. She even goes to the shelter and helps out in the kitchen, read books to the kids and volunteers at Good Will. It 's right down the street from 'the jungle ' (that is what they call it, honestly.) Where homeless people camp out at. On her breaks, she takes a cooler full a drinks and passes them out. She definitely has a heart of gold.
That is what she does on her…

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