Argumentative Essay On Phobias

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We all have fears, but are they necessarily strong enough to cause us problems? You may not like spiders or snakes and may go out of your way to avoid them, but this is quite different to having a phobia about something. For example, it is natural to be afraid of a snarling Rottweiler, but not to be terrified of a friendly poodle on a leash. Although a phobia is similar to a fear, there is one key difference: the anxiety experienced by the person is so strong that it interferes with their life and/or ability to function. Phobia patients should consider investing in treatment because the amount of anxiety caused by the phobia they are suffering from may cause health risks in the future. Patients may also be able to participate in certain activities …show more content…
In the United States, the estimated number of people who suffer from phobias is at more than 6 million people. Although a variety of people suffer from phobias, women tend to be twice as likely to suffer from a phobia compared to men. Treatment is important when it comes to phobias. If left untreated, the phobia you are suffering from may worsen to the point where the person’s life is seriously affected by the phobia and by attempting to avoid or hide it, leads to family and friend problems, personal health, loss of job while struggling to deal with it, and/or failures in school. Most phobia sufferers tend to manage the stress by avoiding the stressful situation and by having difficulty minimizing the intensity of the fearful situation. Most sufferers of phobias experience panic attacks and often have anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are not just a case of “nerves”. Anxiety disorders cannot be overcome just through willpower, nor can the symptoms be ignored or wished away. These disorders can make some everyday situations so uncomfortable that you avoid them entirely. Having this, you may experience occasional instances of anxiety that are so frightening and intense that you may be frozen with

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