Personal Narrative : My Head Leaning Against The Wall Essay

1525 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
I sat on the couch my head leaning against the wall as I listened to music through my headphones my mind wandering to the last time I saw Junhong. I thought about him more than the actual day the way he looked walking away and the way I haven 't seen him in nearly a month. More than that I thought about how his lips felt against mine and how my heart beats like a hummingbird 's wings or how the memory alone made me feel something. I rolled my head to look at the wall that separated our apartments I missed him even just as a friend I missed seeing him we hung out so much he was over here like once a week eating with me or playing games making me try out different things that normally ended with us laughing out asses off. I sat up and walked to the kitchen and got some chips and put them in bows and popped some popcorn and put it in a bowl and grabbed some drinks and set them on the table. I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of the table and TV and sent it to Junhong with a text saying :"Video games and Food? What to join?" I walked around and got the game system set up and grabbed two controllers and sat on the couch waiting for a text reply. Soon there was a knock at the door and I jumped up and opened the door to see Junhong standing at the door with cookies and sodas and a pizza "You ready?" I looked at him curiously "How did you get a pizza in the time you got my text??" He placed the pizza on the table and the sodas in the fridge "You texted me?" I nodded. He…

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