Personal Narrative: My First Day In Cross Country

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My sophomore year of high school, I received an award for Most Improved in cross country. That day I felt on top of the world. As a matter of fact, I felt on top of the world that entire season. I was never athletic, as a matter of fact, before joining Track the year before, I had never ran more than three feet in my entire life. The first day of cross country was an awful start. We had to time our first mile in the 90 degree heat. Needless to say, I walked home that day feeling a bit dejected. But cross country practice came and went with each day. Sucking that first day made me want to improve, I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could be good at sports. Next came the meets. I’ll never forget how terrified that very first meet. Can I get lost on …show more content…
Will I be last to reach the finish line? Is it possible to literally break my leg before the race starts? Runners on your mark, get set, BANG! I had never felt so accomplished as I had after running my first race. Meet after meet, I began to improve little by little. I surprised myself as I began to cut seconds and minutes off of each previous race. Eventually, my coach came to me during practice and gave me a Varsity jersey. Up until that day, I never believed I could be athletic, I never took myself seriously. Meets came and go and I eventually found myself the number three variety runner. The very last meet of the season and I became the second best on the team. Cross country meant the world to me that year. I had gone above and beyond my own expectations of myself. There’s nothing like ending the season with a plaque stating I was the most improved girl on the team. While I’ve never been as good of a runner as I was that year, I’ll always remember the year I gained my confidence in myself. I have that wooden plaque up on my wall as a reminder that you can do

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