Personal Narrative: My Relay Race

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I waited at the starting line for my split in the relay race. I felt sweat drip down my temples from the blazing sun. There were two laps for each of the four people in my relay, I was the final runner. My heart was beating out of my chest from the pressure of the crowd. I extended my arm backward, ready to receive the baton. Immediately after I felt the baton strike my palm, I took off in a sprint. I felt like the whole track team was relying on me for this win. After my first lap around the track, I began to feel lightheaded. All of the sudden, my legs went numb. I reconsidered my luck in winning. I started to slow my steps. My body formation weakened. My motivation was lost until I felt a cool breeze brush my face in the boiling temperature. …show more content…
It was just what I needed to finish the race strongly. As I came around my last curve on the track, my opponent was rapidly catching up to me. She came up close enough for her to step on the back of my ankle, and leave me fallen on the scorching hot track. I heard my team cheering me on to get back up. I quickly picked myself onto my feet after being passed by three more of my opponents. Ignoring the blood gathering on my knees, I sprinted as hard as I could, passing every single one of my opponents. Now, it was just me and the finish line. Crossing that white line was a feeling like none other. The influence of my surroundings changed the motivation I had and the outcome I ended with. In a similar circumstance, Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is affected by his surroundings in similar ways. Throughout The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway uses Santiago’s surroundings to influence him and his decisions in specific ways. The old man’s location, including his homeland and where he lives, affects Santiago’s journey in the novella. The boy also affects Santiago and his decisions whether or not to be alone. Finally, nature, such as animals, plants, and weather, has and impacting effect during Santiago’s

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