Personal Narrative: My Favorite Sport Of Soccer

A passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something. My favorite sport has always been the game of soccer, the world’s most popular sport, as it is for many others around the world. I began playing in the second grade and since then, it has pushed me to work harder, strengthened me mentally to focus more, and ameliorated me socially by bringing me closer to others with similar interests. Through my passion for the game, soccer has fueled my will to succeed in everything I do by combining my physical, mental, and social skills. In soccer, I constantly run up and down a field, which requires endurance. I am always either sprinting to beat the opposition to the ball or jogging to catch up to the play. Doing so not only is a great exercise, but also is simultaneously …show more content…
I am always thinking about what the opposition is about to do and am prepared to react. If I am not, I may lose possession of the ball or allow the scoring of a goal by the other team. However, by always believing in my own capabilities, I was known as one of the best tackling center midfielders on my team. The same can be said about me now, as whenever I am faced with a decision I must make, I am already thinking ahead about its impact and how it may affect me. I can make decisions with confidence, and because of soccer, I am capable. Another reason I am passionate about soccer is the friendships and social aspects of the sport. As the season goes on, we all grow together and build chemistry. I realize soccer is not a single man sport, it is a sport that requires eleven players to play as a team. I built great relations with my own coaches, who gave us great advice and brought us closer together. We are all cogs in a machine who work together cohesively. The impact of these experiences can still be seen now, as I am a very sociable person who can build a healthy friendship and relationship with

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