Personal Narrative-My Experience With My Skis

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“Woo Hoo” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I could feel the wind rushing against my face, like a cold river of air. I felt like how a cheetah feels when it is running at top speed. I felt fast, careless, and free. I also felt very frigid. As I reached the bottom of the slope, I waited for myself to slow down. I didn’t know how to do that cool thing with my skis where I twist sideways so I stop and kick up snow. I had just finished going down my favorite ski trail, Skycoaster. I go to Hunt Hollow, a ski mountain my dad “works” at. He is part of the ski patrol, so he helps out injured skiers. Also, cheap admission. It was getting late, and I only had time for one more ride, and I was planning on going down Skycoaster again. I never thought that I might go down Glade, a black diamond course. This was just another classic example of peer pressure, or in this case, family pressure. …show more content…
He was planning on going down Glade, along with my mom and dad. I got in line and my mom asked me, “are you coming down Glade with us?” I wasn’t sure, so I just shrugged. Well, like every young kid, I didn’t want to be alone when it was getting dark out. “I think I’ll go down Glade,” I told my mom.
We got on a lift, and usually it takes forever to get to the top, like a fat snail going up a hill. I almost looked forward to that time so I wouldn’t have to immediately face my inevitable doom. Lucklessly, I never got the luxury of that time, because the ride felt like it took ten seconds

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