Personal Narrative: I Hate Funerals

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I hate funerals. Especially this one. Everyone sitting around sobbing and crying over the loss of a loved one, saying prayers and telling stories of the memories they shared. I don’t mean to sound cynical. I’m actually crying right now but that’s beyond the point. The point is that Kate wouldn’t have wanted us to be sad that she’s gone, she would’ve wanted us to be happy about the time that we did get to spend together.
Who is Kate? She’s the reason we were all gathered here today. For some, she was the most inspirational and brightest person in their lives. For me, well, she was my wife. So many people had gathered from across Australia to pay their respects to this wonderful woman and I was tasked with delivering her eulogy.
I stepped up to the front of the ceremony and prepared to give the speech. I looked down on my notes as a reminder. I stared up into the crowd and saw countless miserable and weeping faces.
“Good Morning Everyone” I said with a quivering voice like a like a dull flame blown by the wind.
I was ready to begin but something was holding me back. Everyone in the crowd looked eager to hear what I had to say. I was frozen in place. I wanted to do this for Kate, I wanted to be able to send my final goodbye to her through this eulogy but the words just wouldn’t come out. I tried my hardest to speak though I was unable.
Father James walked up and
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I hadn’t felt like this in a very long time. Kate had always kept me company as I had kept hers. The house felt so empty without her. I wasn’t sure what to do now without her home. I roamed the house looking for something to do. Every room felt so bare though nothing had changed. It’s as if the life of the house had left with her. My world felt like nothing now. She was my everything. I guess it’s true: you don’t know what you have until its gone. It’s not as if I didn’t appreciate her, I just didn’t know what she really meant to

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