Personal Narrative: How To Survive On The Streets

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How to Survive on the Streets
When I lost my job, I was forced to leave my accommodation and became homeless in a matter of minutes. With no family to turn to, I ended up on the streets. Having lost my job due to misunderstanding (I think my job was a massive homophobe), I was unable to pay bills and rent, leading to my eviction from my apartment in 2013. I ended up living on the streets for a lengthy period of time. Drawing was how I passed my time. Fortunately, drawing was how I got on my feet and made most of my money. I charged $5 for a drawing but sometimes they would give more. Out of now where, a woman carrying a large brief case offered me an internship with her visual arts agency. She had seen my art on the internet posted by my buyers. That’s my story but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I went through many struggles to get to where I am and I’ve listed some tips below that helped me through my hardships. Ignorance to following the steps of surviving as a homeless person lead to failing to a very poor understanding and value
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Find a Place to Sleep. One of the most challenging obstacles to homelessness is finding a safe location to spend the night. It can be extremely difficult due to the fact that people can hijack you or steal your valuables when you’re out in the open. I recommend that if you own a car, sleep in it in a safe parking lot that’s not completely deserted. Or simply sleep during the day and be awake at night for your own safety. You always have to keep an eye open. But, be aware of the police. The obvious choice of course is sleeping in local community shelters. Which are filled with other homeless people, some can be really nice and chatty but you always have to watch out for the thieves and thugs. It can serve as a good place to sleep because you have a roof over your head, but regarding the fact you have to sleep with other people, can put your safety in risk. You always have to watch out for yourself, whatever the scenario might

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