Conclusion And Effect Of Homelessness

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Conclusion: The causes of homelessness and its effects are complex and intertwined, and inevitably there are no simple solutions. It’s not just about buildings and beds; it’s about the things that go wrong in people’s lives: health, income, families etc. And these things can go wrong for anyone, especially these days

Homelessness poses as one of the social crisis on the rise in the 21st century to an extent that homelessness can no longer be just confined to those people living in the streets. Contrary to the common notions that having a roof on top of your head disqualifies one to be homeless but with recent studies the definition of homelessness has broaden to include those staying in hostels, squatting and those living in poor conditions that can affect their health and also make them vulnerable to all sorts of abuses. To this
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Understanding each type of homelessness leads to better support and a better view of homelessness as a whole. Building a picture of the number of people who are homeless is complicated. This is due to the different ways each type is counted and the limitations of each approach.

Due to different causes of Homelessness, homelessness affects a wide variety of people. Some people may be more vulnerable to homelessness than others. The following are a group of those who are greatly at risk of being homeless:

• Families or individuals struggling to live on benefits or a low income
• Youths or young adults leaving home for the first time.
• Adults leaving care
• Expecting mothers with nowhere to stay once the baby has been born.
• Immigrants without the right to claim

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