Personal Narrative Hill Elementary I Have Found Myself Learning A Classroom And The Multiple Special Interests They Have

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Since being here at Munger Hill Elementary I have found myself learning a lot about the student’s in and outside of the classroom and the multiple special interests they have. During recess and lunch I have conducted informal interviews with the student’s to learn about their interests they may have. Above are the questions I asked for each grade. Since the two grades vary I made sure to ask the first graders simpler questions and then the third graders more challenging questions. Some of the answers I got for them were repeated trends and some said completely different answers. For the questions that was, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, two of the student’s answered nurse. Since two of the student’s answered nurse for that question this I noticed was one of the popular trends. Another popular trend for the answer of this question was a teacher. When I asked the third graders, their set of questions some of the answers to them caused them to be popular trends also. For the first question that had a popular answer to make it become a trend was, “what is one of the hardest subjects in school?” When the student’s answered this three of them said math. The reason why three of them said math is because sometimes the problems can be hard with big numbers or if the math word problems are too long and complicated for them to solve. One more popular answer that came from multiple student’s was the question that said, “what is your favorite thing to write about?” Three…

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