ELL Student Language Analysis

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One of the biggest concerns I found in the reading is how ELL student will be neglected until the teachers sense the students are linguistically ready for instruction. Students should never be neglected.

One of the most interesting research finds was that there was not a significant difference in understanding with respect to language diversity. Class that were created to help students understand and become more aware of the issue did not seem to make that much of a difference according to the findings. Students who were in upper level courses were eager to work with Ells compared to students in lower level courses.

BICS are Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills. BICS are important because they help students in social situations. These
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This is interesting because I had never thought about it before and after reading a book it can be challenging to summarize the book. The example was excellent it talked about learning Japanese and reading a book in Japanese and then having to summarize in your own words can be difficult.

ELL Academic Language: http://www.colorincolorado.org/webcasts/academiclanguage (Links to an external site.)
 Have students slow down and infest in the text. I like this quote because it is important for students read, but more importantly walk away understanding and learning from the reading. Teacher can use close reading, which is beneificial for English Languages learners because it causes them to focus on pronouns (he, she, it, we). Also fixed expression, which are markers for knowing the language will. Learning a new language can be difficult and expression or pronoun can cause confusion and we as teacher will need to identify how to teach ELL
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When thinking about all the different layers that come with teach English Language Learners it makes creating lesson plans more challenging. Becoming a teacher is not going to be easy these challenges such as being flexible and changing your lesson plan will be a big part in making your classroom feel comfortable to all of your students. I feel like I know many teaching assessments, but developing a lesson plan for English Language Learners seems like a challenging task(As a teacher we will have to continue to grow). I believe it is going to be important to identify your English Language Learners needs, so the first few lesson plans will be difficult and with time creating the lesson plan will become an easier task. It will become easier because you know your students and know how be change your lesson plan to make the right

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