Personal Narrative Experience: My Conversion Experience

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From darkness into His marvelous light – (My conversion experience) I am the first born in a strong Buddhist family in Sri Lanka. My grandfather was a Buddhist Priest and I thought Buddhism was the best religion in the world. From very young age of my life I wanted to become a medical doctor, and I prayed every day in front of Buddha’s statue asking him to make me a doctor. I also studied very hard to achieve this goal. I heard about Jesus when I was in the university, but I never wanted to believe. I argued and rejected Jesus as ‘unseen god’. I won all the arguments, mocked Christians and added credits to Buddha.
At the climax of 30 years of war in Sri Lanka, I was getting ready for my final exam. Unfortunately, all the universities were
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It was much different than I thought. The place was a big hall with hundreds of people; some were murmuring, some were lifting their hands and talking to someone, some were clapping and singing, and some were crying. To my surprise, there was no any idol. It was an Assemblies of God church that I never knew. I was very confused. That environment was strange to me, but I felt something extraordinary which I couldn’t explain. They sang a song with the meaning that ‘I can’t see the future, don’t know what will happen tomorrow, therefore Lord, please hold my hand and take me over’. Oh, it was talking about me! I surrendered myself to Jesus for the first time of my life and asked for …show more content…
I worked as the Youth and young adults Pastor at Assemblies of God church in Kandy in Sri Lanka. It was mostly focused on the youth issues and counselling programs. Reaching out the youth and young adults, conducting VBS and youth retreats, arranging various youth programs and Bible teaching were my main responsibilities. I also ministered at New Creation Church in Scarborough as the Associate Pastor (Teaching). Developing annual teaching plan for the church, conducting cell groups and prayer meetings, supervising Sunday school teaching, attending meetings, mentoring volunteers by implementing dynamic recruiting and training were some of my duties there. Furthermore, I am a PAOC credential holder and serving at Global Kingdom Ministries in Toronto.

Director of Women’s ministry:

I was privileged ministering to women as the director of women’s ministry at Assemblies of God church at Kothmale in Sri Lanka. I was able to develop annual women’s programs; outreach, Bible studies, single women’s events, etc. In addition, I conducted Stress Management and counselling programs for women to overcome their life issues. Furthermore, I was glad to found and conducted NEW START program for their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Teaching the

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