My Narrative Essay: I Want To Be A Teacher

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My narrative essay is from when I first discovered I wanted to be a teacher and how it came about. It was not a triumph or anything of that sort, it took a struggle for me discover what I wanted to be. It also took the encouragement and help of a highschool teacher that I didn’t even have for class at the time, but he was committed to helping me. My first two years of highschool I didn’t care about grades or what I got as long as my grades were good enough to keep playing sports, everything was fine with me that’s all I wanted to do. I was able to get by my freshman year with the poor grades ignoring my parents and teachers when they kept saying that my grades mattered because I didn’t believe them at all, I thought I knew best. It took my …show more content…
Transfer means that “if the students are to prove successful in the content areas, they must exhibit the ability to transfer knowledge, skills, and capacities learned” (Burns 1993) , I believe this is true for me because I was learning the information that was presented, but the problem was I was not showing it to the teachers with my work. I was able to control my grades so that I could play sports and get by, but I was not showing the teachers and staff that I understood the material because my work was poor. Another method I could use for my story would be fragile “exists when a student appears to know the material in one context but does not know that material in another setting or the same concept in another way” (Burns 1993). I can justify this being applied to my story because over the years I never added the material together to make it go from one class to another, I always made it seem as I was starting fresh not knowing what to expect from the class. I can say that I got the material in a class but when I needed to apply it for a class the next semester or year, I never did that I always just started from the start not using my prior knowledge which would have made things easier to get good grades, but all I was worried with was getting by in the

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