A Personal Narrative Essay: My Dream Job

I have thought and talked about my dream job in great detail many times before. My dream job is intricate, and way too complicated to ever become a reality but a girl can dream. It has many parts to it and would take an estimated 70 years to get all necessary degrees and experience to be able to achieve but it would be so worth it. The first part of it is I would be a climber-photographer for National Geographic and get paid to travel, climb mountains, and take pictures. Then, in the next stage of my life, I would become a neurologist (which, in reality, is probably never going to happen seeing as I can barely spell it). I would become the best in my field and save lives and innovate and make enough money to spend the rest of my life doing whatever I want but still be financially comfortable. Then I would become a psychologist and go into either therapy or be a residential child therapist in a hospital and explain what’s going on to kids who don’t understand to make them feel more comfortable. Finally, actually, maybe I would have to do this first because you have to be in great shape, but I would be an astronaut and go into space, whether …show more content…
I was in kentucky camping with my family on vacation, and each year, we try to climb a bluff. My dad brings the ropes and carabiners and we set out to find an (illegal) bluff to climb. The bluff we found was a little bigger, okay, a lot bigger than I was used to. Anyway, we set up and after a few brothers going, it was my turn to climb. As I climbed, I was shaking with adrenalin and fear, my heart pounding, hands clammy, and eyes on the top. I got to the top and looked out at the landscape before my eyes and was in complete awe. It was such a moment of accomplishment and bliss. I realised how lucky I am, not only to have a roof over my head, but to live in such an amazing place on such an amazing planet. I’ll never forget that

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