Personal Narrative Essay: The Value Of Friendship

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The value of friendship some say is lost. Some even say a long lasting friendship does not last these days, although just finding a good friend is hard to do because you need a lot of support from one another in a long lasting friendship and a long lasting friendship take a lot of hard work also. I have to say that they are wrong because that changed for me thirty-nine years ago in the Third Grade. It was the year 1977; I was attending Langdon Elementary School in Washington, DC. It was my second year at the School. My family had just moved to the neighborhood just a year ago. I thought I would be in the Fourth Grade because I felt that my Third Grade Teacher Ms. Henry did not promote me and it was a mistake because she did not like me. They …show more content…
This where Corey 's would need all of the support that I could give him. He would experience happiness and joy. As well as sadness over next few months. See while in the Reserves Corey 's would once again meet a girl and try the engagement thing, but this time, it would work, but the sadness come around the same time as well. Corey 's mom had gotten cancer and got sick very fast. One Saturday we out for drinks and I could see the hurting he was feeling. That day I have to see his mom again, who had been as a second mother to me for years and it was not good. A few days later, I got home from work and got a call from Corey 's. He said mom had passed. I got in my car and went to his house to offer my support. A few days later after the funeral, I turn down a date with a girl from my job, to go out with Corey and Tracy, his fiancé, continue giving Corey 's support. The happiness and joy came weeks later as we started rehearsing for the wedding. Now me as the best man, I have to make the Wedding Toast and hold the ring. Not exactly in that order. I also I had to throw Corey 's bachelor party. We went to a strip club for drinks and some entertainment. I got Corey is so drunk, we had to carry him a few blocks to the car, but to drunk that his did not make it to the wedding. Now Corey 's would have another person, who he would call his best friend, Tracy. I handed Corey 's the ring and made toast. It was good to see my best friend to find the joy of life, but it was also sad that his mom could not witness it. Now it was my time for to find that special

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