Personal Narrative Essay: The Trip From Hell

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The Trip from Hell As the Summer of 2010 was coming to an end the new school year was quickly approaching. Although school was the last thing I wanted to have on my mind at that time of year, there was still one more part of my summer I was able to look forward to; my family’s annual camping trip to Hocking Hills State Park. This trip, also known as, “our last hurrah” as my father would call it, was a three-day camping/hiking trip that would consist of relaxation, peacefulness and refreshment. Little did we know; this year was going to be much different.
It was the morning of the trip and I faintly remember waking up to the irritating sound of my alarm clock; consequently, I jumped out of my bed (still half asleep) and ran towards the second
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Although I was slightly disappointed, my dad paid for the three-night stay and we headed towards our designated campsite. As we turned around the corner of the road leading to our spot I was pretty upset when I saw what seemed to be the smallest campsite on the entire campgrounds. The spot looked to be so abnormally small that there would barely be enough room for someone to pitch a tent or throw a couple of chairs down around a fire; however, I was not going to let this ruin the rest of my trip. After unpacking most of our luggage my brother and I decided that we would talk our dad into taking us on a quick hike through one of the many trails the campgrounds had to offer. The hike only lasted about forty-five minutes and by this time it was already six o clock in the evening; therefore, we decided it was time to head back to camp to get something to eat. When we arrived back at the campsite I began helping my dad start the fire so that we could cook our meal for the night. After a long dinner we decided that it was time to go to bed and regain our energy for the second day; however, we did not know that this second day was going to be the part of the trip that we would forever …show more content…
Relieved, I fell back asleep; then, this time I was woken up by the voice of my dad talking to my brother. It was very early in the morning and my dad told my brother and I that we needed to get moving so that we could have as much daylight as possible to find our way back to the main trail. We left our camp and made our way through the woods in hopes of finding our way back to the car. After about forty-five minutes of walking we came across a small fifteen-foot cliff that to a twelve-year-old, looked more like a one-hundred-foot cliff. Since there was no other way out and we were not prepared to stay another night in the woods, we decided that we were going to climb the cliff. Of course, my dad made my brother and I go first as he followed right behind us. I remember making it to the top of the cliff, only to find that we had climbed all the way from the lower part of the trail to the upper part of the trail. Relieved, we made our way back to the car and headed back to our camp to gather our tent and whatever else there was that we may have left behind. After packing everything up as fast as we possibly could we got in the car so that we could finally go

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