Personal Narrative Essay: The Prelude: Coming To Germany

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The Prelude Before I came to Germany, I yearned for a life of my own. I remember like yesterday the it was a late october 's Afternoon, I saw Charles waiting for me. He was smoking his clove cigerttee. It was so nice to see him after being apart for almost a month. I have been parted for must longer. Charles had taken me to lunch at a nice restaurant in Hamburg, which is my 2nd most favourite city in the world. First being Berlin once more I felt like a heavy burden being lifted from my soul. You know those scenes of the old Rennisance movies where the person would kiss the ground of their home country. I did that. Yup I kissed the ground of the Berlin International Airport, and I have absoultely no shame so whatever. I couldn 't find Charles Alas ' he was outside blowing a fag waiting for me, as your no longer allowed in the airport due to the Terrorism international act. So I went to Starbucks. (Yes guys their are Starbucks in Berlin.) I ordered myself a Pumpkin Cheese cake and Oh my God it was a piece of heaven in my mouth; of course I also had to order the PSL (pumpkin spice latte.) Charles was outside …show more content…
Not to mention their food is out of this bloody world. We sat down by the fire place and talked about our school days, and her not- so- recent marriage to our best friend Lily Brown. We were called the Golden Music Trio. It was now way early into the the early morning. Evie drove back home because I had one two many drinks. Which was 1.5 by the German drinking limt. We headed back home where the boys still were playing poker. I remember walking up to the stairs, and I was in my platform boots. Giggling, laughing and being just a silly 23 year old, and that I was finally once more free. Is this how Freedom tasted? I dropped my bags, and I still had my leather jacket and my hat on and this where one of my favourite memories happend

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