Personal Narrative Essay: The Most Precious Gift

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The Most Precious Gift Sunday June 8th, 2014, 5:45pm my phone read. I was in pain. My back was aching and I was having contractions. The pain was like period cramps only tighter. Like I over ate and ran a mile without stretching. I called my doctor’s office and explained to them the pain. Since my contractions were not 5 minutes or less apart they advised I take the pain a little longer. My boyfriend ran me a bath water. Someone said a hot bath will soothe the pain so I decided anything at this point will help. I got in the bath; I took deep breaths and laid back in the tub. I played music on my phone and rubbed my big ole belly asking baby Anastasia to let mommy get some rest. I was exhausted. Although my due date wasn’t until the …show more content…
My cousin held one leg and my boyfriend held the other and it was a mirror right in between them. I wanted to see as she came. My body was still numb from the epidural but I felt the pressure of her body and I felt when the contractions were starting. The light on top was beaming hard and was causing me a headache but I fought through it. I can smell the food that was being served in the cafeteria, chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. I was hungry since nothing stayed down. I pushed for two hours and seven minutes, after every push I gazed at the mirror to see how much I had left. I saw her little head pop out and at 4:07pm, on June 9th, 2014, her due date, I gave birth to a 6 pound 13.7 ounce, 19 ½ inch long baby girl name Anastasia. I cried, tears of joy, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I did it my boyfriend cut the umbilical cord and kissed my forehead and said the first congratulations. I was now a mommy, my thoughts were interrupted by her cries, and she was a screamer I tell you. Lungs were strong and she was yelling, with no tears. After having her lay on my chest for an hour she was now able to go to others. Anastasia slept the whole time she was being passed around. At 9 that night they took her, ran some test on her and before I knew it my baby was admitted to the

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